Andrew Tipton

Interiors New Orleans


Makeovers and Re-furnishings
— Where to Start —

My primal instinct for CONTRAST, TEXTURE & COLOR stems from the principle that all three must be considered both first and last when developing a plan for your abode’s feel:

First, in the sense that an overall SCHEME is essential. Want a DARK Scheme? Light? Mixed? Really we are talking about degrees of CONTRAST;

Second, executing that general direction requires options in the broadest sense of TEXTURE – whether it be broken layouts or straight shotgun layouts, or somewhere in between – such as a Wall, Partition, Room Divider, Entry Way, Degree of breakup in your interior clothing, such as Textiles, Hangings, Accessorize or not, Degree of Spare and Simple, etc;

Third, COLOR Schemes which will negotiate the first two, above.

The reason Color is last is that there are INFINITE degrees of color available to make one comfortable or stimulated, but there are only so many physical options in the world of Construction Materials and Furnishings.

In this framework, what seems an impossible decision about where to start can be not only managed, but brought to a new meaning of what beautiful means for you.