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My Responsibilities

EDUCATE It is my sincere intention to leave you with much more knowledge that I met you with, so that you may never need me again, or at least can make the subsequent projects more comfortable and elastic for you. SOURCE CLARITY I will take you with me wherever we...

Makeovers and Re-furnishings
— Where to Start —

My primal instinct for CONTRAST, TEXTURE & COLOR stems from the principle that all three must be considered both first and last when developing a plan for your abode’s feel: First, in the sense that an overall SCHEME is essential. Want a DARK Scheme? Light? Mixed?...

Types of Floor Plans

The RIPPLE-EFFECT of one piece CAN spill over into the foyer, the dining room, the entertainment area, etc. and you should be prepared for that possibility. This is even MORE important with the prevalence of open-floor plans in the area. What can be very very...

Working with Sub-Contractors,
Drawing up Final Plans
— Sketch Up —

New Construction And if you would rather someone else handle it all to begin with, that’s MY job. I will produce Sketch-Up offerings of the final ideas that you wish to pursue. When the Builder generates floor plans, I can plug blueprints right into SKETCH-UP. We can...
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