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What Works

When you approach your home if the exterior just doesn’t feel like you, its a problem.

When you walk into your home, if the colors and materials have grown to clash with your sense of yourself, nothing else matters.

When the Landscape has morphed into a visual obstacle course, Then its time.

Flow and Artistic contrast
are not mutually exclusive.

Either or both can be recovered.

What Means “It Just Works” ???

Materials and colors
have their own “vibrations” of sorts.

I don’t mean Feng Shue.

They find themselves
involuntarily crossing the color wheel
in search of completion.

They have their own music.

There is nothing
more gratifying
than knowing
you have hit the sweet spot
of your own world

–  that this is who you are.


Chromesthesia is a real concept.

The linking of color and music
is more prevalent than we think.

Just as MUSIC seems closely aligned
as the voice of the Spirits,
the COLOR and TEXTURE of your abode
is closely aligned with your own sense of well-being.

First Principles

The cleaner the interior scheme,
generally the further from each other color schemes can expand.

The more eclectic the interior scheme, generally the closer to each other color schemes can be.

There are exceptions to every rule.

How do we arrive at what works for YOU?
It helps to drop pre-conceived notions,
whether on my part or yours.

First I Must Listen

I learn from every client.
Your sensitivities
are where we begin.

It is my duty to draw from your wishes
– or differences –
without fear.

There’s always a way.

My greatest success lies in the sense
that you will one day not need me
if you so choose to learn.

From artwork to fabrics to furnishings
to floor plans to color schemes
they are all one.

Your Desired Level of Engagement

Is entirely up to you.

Just need to rework what already exists?
We an accomplish a lot in a few hours.

Want to re-do a floor and just add a few pieces?

Change the Flow?
But aren’t sure what works for you?
We can accomplish a lot in a few days.

Want to rework the entire place?
We can accomplish a lot in a few weeks.

Play In Your Own Sandbox

When we work together
I will make available to you
an encrypted sandbox.

There we can both upload and download
anything that may give a sense of direction
or suggestion or practicalities such as:

shopping photos
color schemes

Anything from your phone or laptop
or desktop or digital camera

can be reserved here
in my customized site
just made for your participation.

Who Are You?

Play around with my approach.
I am inspiring, efficient and economic.

If nothing else,
welcome to my world.

You will find food for thought
and creativity to feed yours.

This Is Just Me

I have no affiliation with any
online franchise or boiler-plate design site
that will offer insufficient generic advice for an up-front fee.

That is just not me.

It costs you nothing to find out if we are a good fit.
First meeting is always complimentary.

Andrew Tipton



Harmony? Chaos in your Interior Design? Does Your Exterior  Life reflect your Inner Self?  Color, Texture, Contrast and Flow are a Home’s Music.

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