Andrew Tipton

Interiors New Orleans


How to Get Started
with a Contractor
— Project Planning —

First decide which Contractor amongst the ones you have met seems reasonable, flexible and clever about how to avoid potential problems down the road. You will find that each has their own take on what to do with your space. Save these ideas for later.

Sift through all the suggestions and THEN pick the one most-likely to be willing to entertain the modifications you KNOW you will want in the long run.

Then get several references. If you know someone who used them, felt they were trustworthy, and you see the work that they did, then your comfort level is addressed early on.

Finally, the money.

If you get what seems like an unreasonable, off-the-wall high quote, that is the contractor telling you he really doesn’t want the job.

If you get what seems like a low-ball quote, they might be trying to skimp on material quality or workmanship in some way.

If you are truly hung up between two reasonable contractors with reasonable quotes, remember that personality is no small matter. These people will be in your home for months at least, and trust and sympatico should never be discounted.

When the inevitable happens and something must change, mid-way through the construction, don’t flip out. There may be some legal, liability, or structural reason why so. Having someone who understands your priorities can go a long way.